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Motorised Roller Blinds have become the main solution for large Bi-Fold and Patio Door Blind Installations, in 2014 the Child Safety Regulations became the industry standard, each blind control had to be secured to the frame or wall with a certified security device. With motorisation, there are no hanging controls that would restrict the opening of your Bi-Folds or Sliding Door.

With the advent of the new Li-Ion Motors from Somfy, powerful motors that don't need any electrical wires channeling into your walls, motorisation is easy, reliable and can now perform as quietly and as efficiently as their hard wired counterparts. Coupled with our "Multi-link" systems, 1 motor can drive up to 8 mtr wide blinds, only needing charged for 4 - 6 hours annually, with normal use.

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Multiple Singles

A Bank of Blinds that have their own motor in each blind, but are all housed in a single cassette for a uniform look

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Multiple Linked

Multiple Blinds which are controlled by a single motor which in conjunction with "Multi-Link" lifts all the blinds together in uniform

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Large Motorised

Single / Multiple blinds that can be manufactured up to 4500mm wide, motorised with powerful motors and acoustic tubes for maximum hush