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Fast becoming the "home improvement" of the 21st Century, Plantation Shutters change the way you live in yoiur home, great insulation from cold and heat makes the temperature more stable all year round. Stylish and sophisticated, easy to look after, maintenance free, Plantation Shutters are an actual Home Improvement. 

Chris Elliot Blinds & Shutters supplies S-Craft Shutters, with the largest range of frame options, 5 different product types and a 134 colour range. Fitted into our showroom, we have the best selection on view in Cumbria & South West Scotland. Book an Appointment Online for your Free Home Quotation. 

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Tracked Shutters

Shaped Shutters

Waterproof Shutters

Tracked Shutters are used when the opening is wider, used on Bi-Fold Doors, Patio and Wide Windows.

Shaped Shutters are usually the best option when the head of the window is shaped in an Arch or Gabled shape.

Waterproof Shutters are excellent in bathrooms, if theyre going to be splashed or left in damp conditions, these ABS shutters will not be affected.